Your Favourite Teacher | Paragraph | For JSC SSC HSC

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Your Favourite Teacher | Paragraph | For JSC SSC HSC

Write a paragraph on “Your Favourite Teacher/The Teacher You Like Most” by answering the following questions.

(a) Who is your favourite teacher? 

(b) How is his/her style of teaching? 

(c) Which method of teaching does he/she follow? 

(d) What is his/her relation with his/her students? 

(e) How is his/her character? 

(f) How do you evaluate him/her as a teacher?

Your Favourite Teacher or The Teacher You Like Most

I have come across many teachers in my student life. Of them all, Mr Masud Iqbal is my favourite teacher. He is an English teacher. He is an MA in English and trained in English language teaching. He is a man of letters with profound knowledge of the English language. His teaching style is very attractive and effective. When he takes his class, all the students listen to him with great attention. He makes us share our views and feelings with him. He makes our lessons interesting to us. He maintains an amiable relation with all his students. Besides, he is a man of principle with a good character. He is very sincere, punctual and honest. He is a skilled teacher and dedicated to teaching. He loves and guides us like his own children. He always encourages us to learn new things. He is no doubt an ideal teacher. Because of all his extraordinary qualities, he is my favourite teacher.


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