SEO: 5 Important Settings for Blogger You Must Do

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5 Important Settings for Blogger You Must Do
Important Settings for Blogger SEO

Google Blogger has become very popular these days. Google Blogger is the first choice, especially for those who want to make money by blogging for free. But sadly, many people start blogging with great interest but leave later. The main reason for this is the lack of traffic to the blog. SEO and traffic are deeply intertwined. I think SEO is the lifeblood of a blog.

Blogger Settings for SEO

It is said that if the beginning is beautiful then the next things are beautiful. Many people understand SEO to mean just content. In fact, it is not correct. Before writing good content, you must make some default settings for your blog that are related to SEO. If you do not know the settings then this post is for you.

Let’s start…

First, go to your Blog (https://www.blogger.com/) then click on Settings. And Do the following.


The title is very important because the attractive title attracts everyone. An attractive title is especially important for SEO. When a new blog is created, the first thing to do is to give a nice title. However, keep in mind that the title length must be around 60 characters. Also, include your keyword in the title.

SEO: 5 Important Settings for Blogger You Must Do
Blogger Title Setting


A description is a summary of your blog. You need to be more careful when writing a description. While writing a Description, try to start with your focus keyword. The length of the description must be around 160 characters.

SEO: 5 Important Settings for Blogger You Must Do
Blogger Description Setting


A favicon is a little transparent icon that is used to represent a website, brand, or company. Favicon improves user experience by serving as a consistent marker that informs website users that they are on the same site as they navigate across it. So click on Favicon and choose favicon (size in  32×32). Once you have done it, click on save.

SEO: 5 Important Settings for Blogger You Must Do
Blogger Favicon Setting

Meta tags

In this section just Enable search description and write your blog description in the Search description box. To do that, follow the same rules that was mentioned earlier. 

Crawlers and indexing

This part is important. For your convenience, I am discussing this section part by part.

Custom robots.txt

First Enable custom robots.txt by clicking on the checkbox. After that paste the bellow code in Custom robots.txt.

[User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /

Sitemap: https://www.yourblogurl.com/sitemap.xml]

NOTE:  replaced yourblogurl.com with your blog URL

Home page tags

Just checked all & noodp 

Archive and search page tags

Just checked on noindex & noodp

Post and page tags

Just checked all & noodp 

Once you have completed this will like this

SEO: 5 Important Settings for Blogger You Must Do
Crawlers and indexing

That’s all about the Important Settings for Blogger. Hope that those who are thinking about blogger SEO will find this article useful. Lastly, if you follow the important settings that I have mentioned, I hope that the next SEO tasks will be much easier.


This is RIMON Proud owner of this blog. An employee by profession but proud to introduce myself as a blogger. I like to write on the blog. Moreover, I've a lot of interest in web design. I want to see myself as a successful blogger and SEO expert.

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