Environmental Pollution Paragraph

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English Paragraph Environmental Pollution for class 6 7 8 9 10 SSC HSC JSC

What is environmental pollution? Where do you live? What kinds of pollution do you find in your locality? What problems are these pollutions creating in your locality? How can you check these pollutions in your locality?

Paragraph Environmental Pollution

Nowadays environmental pollution is one of the most talked topics in the world. Our environment is polluted in two ways – air pollution and water pollution. Air is polluted in many ways. Smoke pollutes air, man makes fire to cook his food, to bricks, melts pitch for road construction, and burns wood. All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes the air. Railway engines, mills, factories, and powerhouses use coal and oil. Buses, trucks and car use petrol and diesel. Again all these things cause air pollution. Water is polluted in many ways. Farmers use chemical and fertilizers and insecticide in their lands to grow more food. The rain and floods wash away some of the chemicals. They get mixed with canal water and river water.

Mills and factories pollute water by throwing the waste materials and unsold products into the rivers and canals. Steamers, launches and even sailboats polluted water by throwing oil, food waste and human waste into the big canals and rivers. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the banks of the river and canals also pollute water. Thus air and water are polluted and as a result, our environment gets polluted. Water pollution can be prevented in many ways. First of all, we should make people aware of the fact that water is next to air. It is called life. So chemical fertilizer and pesticide should not be allowed to mix with river water, canal water and pond water. Mills and factories should not throw the waste materials and unsold products into rivers and canals. Steamers, motor launches and even sailboats should not throw oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers and canals. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside should not be built on the banks of the rivers and canals. In fine awareness should be created in the public. Air pollution can be prevented by taking proper steps and necessary measures and creating public awareness.


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