Black Fungus || Paragraph

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Black Fungus  Paragraph
Black Fungus  Paragraph

Write a paragraph about “Black Fungus “

Black Fungus 

Black fungus infection or mucormycosis is a very rare but lethal disease that rampaged through India while the COVID-19 inflicted havoc on India. Hence, people called it ‘a pandemic within a pandemic’. It is a severe medical condition caused by a kind of fungi named micromycetes that affect the nose, sinuses, eyes, lungs, and even brain. Runny nose, one-sided facial swelling and pain, headache, fever, blurred vision, chest pain, breathing difficulty, coughing up blood, bulging or displacement of the eye, tissue death, etc. are some of the symptoms of the disease. Other forms of the disease may infect the lungs, stomach and intestines, and skin. Fortunately, it is not transmitted between people. It is spread by spores of the fungus, mostly through inhalation or contaminated food. Also, the fungus can enter the body via blood or directly through a cut or open wound. Black fungus has been labeled fatal considering the risk of death and chances of organ damage. The statistics show that the mortality rate is as high as 80% if a patient does not receive any medical attention or remains untreated for a long time. The death rate is 40-50% after receiving proper treatment. It is a rare disease because our immune system usually can fight it off quite easily. But it becomes a problem for a small number of people who have lost their immunity due to COVID-19, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, or other terminal illnesses requiring high antibiotics or steroids. As the treatment is highly expensive and the efficacy level is not satisfactory either, we can only take preventive measures like wearing masks, washing hands, avoiding direct contact or exposure, etc. to stay safe from this disease. Furthermore, we must boost our immunity.


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