A Book Fair You Have Visited | Paragraph

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A Book Fair You Have Visited

Write a Paragraph on “A Book Fair You Have Visited”. Your writing should address the following questions.

(a)What was the occasion? 

(b) Where was the fair held? 

(c) Why did you go there? 

(d) What did you see there 

(e) What was your feeling?

A Book Fair I Have Visited Or, My Visit to a Book Fair 

On the occasion of Ekushe February, a book fair called “Amar Ekushe Grantha Mela” was held. The fair has held the premises of Bangla Academy. Last month I paid a visit to this book fair. I am a book lover. With a view to collecting some books on literature, I went there. I saw many things there. There were many bookstalls. A large number of books like fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, adventures, biographies, children’s classics, etc were displayed there. I bought some fiction and biographies. I also saw some literary giants of the country. In the afternoon I attended a discussion meeting on Bangla literature. It was followed by a cultural function to entertain the music lovers with sweet Bangla songs. Those songs acted as a soothing balm for many sorrow-stricken hearts, I became spellbound to hear the melodious songs. I felt very much contented after visiting the fair.


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