Why Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us

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 Why Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us

I think Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us. Because Kartik loves trees from the heart. He started planting trees from a very young age. He was inspired to plant trees by his father. Kartik had a hobby of planting trees that are very large. So that man and nature can benefit from these trees. Kartik himself realized how much pain he felt when tired people could not find shelter in the shade of a tree in the midst of work. With the idea that the shade of a tree could alleviate the suffering of tired people, he started planting trees on the side of the road, next to the school. He would bear all the expenses himself. Many nights he would water the trees so people thought he was mad. Kartik unselfishly plant trees for the benefit of the people. He used to take care of the trees himself. Kartik used to plant trees but did not expect fruit.

So I think Kartik Poramanik is the inspiration in the work of the present young generation and youth society.

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