“Student Life” Composition/Essay

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Writing an Essay or Composition about "Student Life"

 Writing an Essay or Composition about “Student Life”

Student Life

The period of a man’s life which is passed at schools, colleges and universities under the proper guidance of teachers to acquire education and knowledge, is said to be the student life. So to speak, it is the most important and happiest period of human life.

Students are the hopes of a nation. Indeed, the students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. The future peace, progress and prosperity of a country depend on the students. So, we should be conscious, careful and sincere from the beginning of our student life.

Student life is called the seed time of human life. We must learn many good things in our student life. Our main duty is to learn our lessons at school. We must gain knowledge. If we become men of character, people will love us. Our teachers will take great care of us. 

A student should abide by discipline himself at home and abroad if he wants to prosper in life. At home, he must respect his elders. Strict discipline at school is very good for us. It teaches us obedience, punctuality, diligence, regularity, good manners and forbearance.

We must learn perseverance. It is the root of all success. We should do everything on time. We should take care of our health. If our health is bad, we can not do anything. We should make friends only with those who are honest, diligent and dutiful and avoid the wicked and the selfish.

During national emergencies, we should enroll ourselves as volunteers and help the people in distress. In the long vacation, we should go to the remote villagers and teach the illiterate villagers.
If the students do not work and do not do all their duties as a student faithfully and sincerely, they are sure to suffer in future.
Finally, we can say that we are free from cares and anxieties in our student life. Our heart is carefree. Our mind is very simple. We pass our time in merriments. But if we do not perform our duties in time, we shall not be happy in future. If we want to be happy in our future life, we should be dutiful in student life.


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