Natural Remedies Paragraph | Short Paragraph

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Natural Remedies Paragraph: Writing a paragraph about Natural Remedies or Herbal Remedies

(i) What are natural remedies?
(ii) Are natural remedies used in the present time?
(iii) In what civilizations were these remedies used?
(iv) How do these remedies work?
(v) When do people depend on these remedies?

Natural Remedies

Natural cures are made of natural things, mostly herbs and plants. History says that natural or herbal remedies are nothing new. People use Henoal remedeis in ancient civilizations like India, China, Egypt, and Rome. Some ancient treatment systems are still in practice today, coming down through generations. For a minor burn injury, the doctor may prescribe a tube of Burnol of ointment. But for the same, a rural grandma may put some aloe vera or honey on it. If children have a cold in our country, grandma give them honey and tulsi leaves to eat. If a child has a minor cut or wound, grandma may put some turmeric, marigold or aloe on it. Rural people instinctively use garlic, neem or turmeric to cure skin problems. With experience, they have seen that these remedies work. Moreover, they are easy to get, are cheap and most often without any side effects. In the absence of a doctor, people depend on these sorts of natural home remedies.


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