Essay: The Statue of Liberty

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Essay: The Statue of Liberty


Writing an essay about “The Statue of Liberty “

The Statue of Liberty 

The term ‘statue’ means something which is universally remarkable by means of wood, mud or stone. It has a profound significance. It reminds the people of their achievements from the struggle. It may reveal the corruption of the cruel ruler. The statue of liberty is well known to each and everybody. It is originally called liberty enlightening the world. The next generation is highly benefited and influenced by the ‘Liberty of Statue’ in the extreme movement of the country. 

The Statue of Liberty represents the freedom of an oppressed nation. It was designed by the French sculptor Frederic Barth Oldi. It was given by France to the United States to commemorate the centennial of US independence in 1876. It was declared a national monument in 1924. The statue measures 93.5 m. It is one of the largest ones in the world. It is formed of copper sheets riveted to an iron framework (306 ft. 8 in) from the bottom of the pedestal to the tip of the torch weighing 254 tonnes or 250 tons. The statue is built in the form of a woman. The statue symbolizes liberty in the form of a woman wearing flowing robes and a spiked crown. She holds a torch in her right hand and carries a book inscribed July 4, 1776′ in her left hand. Broken Chains that lie at her feet symbolize the overthrowing of tyranny. The statue was originally conceived as a symbol of international friendship. So to speak, it has however become a global symbol of freedom. It was originally called Liberty Enlightening the world. The lines inscribed on the pedestal of the statue of Liberty suggest a hope for Liberty, Freedom and Friendship to the downtrodden and the oppressed.

 এই রকম আরও তথ্য পেতে আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে লাইক দিয়ে যুক্ত থাকুন। এর পাশাপাশি গুগল নিউজে আমাদের ফলো করুন। 


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