Your Favourite Season Short Composition

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Short Composition: The Season You Like Best/The Winter in Bangladesh/Your Favourite Season

Your Favourite Season

Winter is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. It comes after the late autumn. It begins from the middle of November and lasts up to the middle of February. It covers the two Bengali months- Poush and Magh. In winter, the days are short and the nights are long. To me winter is the best of all seasons in the year. There are various reasons why I like winter best.

In winter, we get various kinds of vegetables and fruits in plenty. To speak the truth, these are comparatively cheap in this season. The vegetables that are grown and supplied in plenty are the beans, tomatoes, cauliflowers, cabbages, turnips, potatoes brinjals, radishes etc. They add to the variety of our taste and palate. During winter fishes too are available in plenty. Home- made cakes, date-juice, fried rice etc. add to the enjoyment of a winter morning in our villages. The molasses made of date juice, the most palatable Bengalee food is available in plenty.

Orange, one of the desirable fruits found in this season is cheap. Various types of flowers such as marigolds, sunflowers etc. bloom. We can work hard. Our body does not sweat. We are not easily tired. We can digest all types of food better in this season. There are crystal-like dew drops on the grass which look very beautiful. The roads & streets even open meadows are not visible in the morning due to mist and fog in this season. A warm bed at night in winter gives us great pleasure and comfort. We wear warm clothes and feel comfortable when go out.

Winter is a dry season. We can move about freely. The roads are dry. It is free and easy to walk along the dry roads. The sunshine is very pleasant in the morning and afternoon in this season. We find this season in the most appropriate time for holding picnics in the open air. We can play many outdoor games such a cricket, badminton, tennis etc. in this season. The rain can not mar our joy and pleasure. Moreover, epidemic diseases do not break out in a serious form in this season. It is a painful season to the poor who can not manage warm clothings.

Vagabonds and destitutes suffer greatly from a cold. Nature looks dull and gloomy. Leaves of trees fall off. Most of the birds migrate from here to there.
In the end, we can say that other seasons have their usefulness. But I think that winter gives us greater comfort and pleasure. So I like it best.


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