Dialogue Writing : about the importance of punctuality in life.

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Suppose, you are Zahin or Zerin and your friend is Zarif or Zofia. Now, make a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of punctuality in life.

Ans:  A dialogue between my friend and me about the importance of punctuality in life :

I       : Hi, Zarif. How’re you?
Zarif  : Hello, Zahin. Nice to meet you. But I’m in some trouble.

I       : Trouble? I’m sorry for that. Can I be of any help to you?
Zarif  : You know, Zahin, I missed many of my classes. And now I’m having trouble with
         understanding those lessons. But our exams are knocking at the door. I’m really             in a great problem.

I     : I’m sorry for that. But I always maintained punctuality and attended my classes in          time.
Zarif : Now, I can realize that I’ve made a great mistake. I thought that I’d be able to              complete all my lessons before the exam. But what a blunder I’ve made!
I     : So, you see, Zarif, we’ve to maintain strict punctuality in our student life if we want
        to do well in our exams.
Zarif : You’re right. I even didn’t prepare my practical khatas in time. I don’t know how I can prepare all those within this short period. I’m really hopeless. 

I  : I feel sorry for you. If you had done everything punctually, you would not have been       in this situation now.

Zarif :  Right you’re. I can now understand the importance of punctuality.

I : Yes, punctuality is especially important in student life, isn’t it?
Zarif : Yes, that’s true. Student life is the best time to grow the habit of punctuality.

I : Of course, it’s. Now it’s time to leave. I’m in a hurry. See you again.
Zarif : See you. 


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