Dialogue Writing : about how to make a good result.

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Suppose, you are Anwar/Anwara and your friend is Sadik/Sabina who does not use his/her time properly. Very often s/he wastes time watching TV. S/He keeps bad company and does not prepare his/her lessons regularly. So, s/he cannot make good result in the examination. Now, write a dialogue in about 100 words between you and your friend about how to make a good result.

Ans: A dialogue between my friend and me about how to make a good result : 

Sadik : Welcome, friend. What a pleasant surprise that you’ve come to visit me!

I : Yes, I’ve really come here to know about your preparation for the JSC Exam. 

Sadik: I’m really very glad that you’ve come. I know that you achieved GPA-5 in the JSC Exam last year. Will you give me some tips about how I can get GPA-5 in the JSC Exam? 

I : Of course, I’ll. First of all, you’ve to stop wasting time watching TV. You must give up bad company. This time, you’ve to follow a strategy to do well in the examination. 

Sadik : What’ll the strategy be like? 

I: You’ve to make notes of all important questions of all the subjects and revise them. frequently. You’ve to prepare a daily routine for studying your subjects. 

Sadik: All right. After that, what else? 

I : Then, in the examination hall when you’ll receive the question paper, first, you’ll go through the whole question paper. You’ll spend some time thinking about the answers and then you’ll start writing. Do not unnecessarily elaborate your answers. Your handwriting also must be legible. 

Sadik : All right, friend. I’ll follow your advice. Do pray for me so that I can do well in the exam.

I: Of course, I will. Bye, bye.


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