Composition on “Transportation System of Bangladesh”

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Composition or Essay writing about “Transportation System of Bangladesh”


The transportation of Bangladesh includes mainly networks of waterways, roads, and railways. Besides, there are two international airports and a few domestic airports. People and goods are transported from one part of the country to another using these transport facilities.

Composition on "Transportation System of Bangladesh"


Among the modes of transport, waterways are very important in the context of Bangladesh. They provide low-cost transport and access to areas where land transport would be costly. There are even some areas where no road communication is possible and the only means of transport is waterways. The waterways of the country carry most of the domestic and foreign cargo. The main seaports of the country are Chittagong and Mongla.


There are two international airports at Dhaka and Chittagong. The domestic airports are in Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet and Barisal.


The railway system of the country was built mostly during the British rule. It provides communication among the major cities of the country. Still, there are many areas where there is no rail line. Transport by railways is comparatively cheaper and easier than by road transport. But at present the railway system of the country is in a shabby condition. Most of the railways are badly in need of repair, most of the trains have become pretty old, and most of the officers of the state-owned railway authority are corrupt and inefficient. As a result, the railway system country incurs a huge loss every year.


The network of roads can be found all over Bangladesh. Major roads of the cities are paved but most of the roads in rural areas are unpaved. Still, many paved roads are in a bad condition. The forms of transport used on Bangladesh’s roads include buses, trucks, minibuses, microbuses, shuttle cars, cars, taxies, three wheelers, rickshaws, motor cycles etc. In some rural areas there are still bullock carts found to ply on the roads. Two-wheeled horse-drawn jigs are still used in the north in Rajshahi and in old part of Dhaka. In towns, people use rickshaws and three wheelers for short distances and buses for long distances. The lightweight cycle rickshaw, which can easily be used on unpaved roads, is the most popular vehicle in villages.


The importance of transport facilities for the development of a country requires little stress. So, it will certainly be a good idea to take measures for quick improvement of the transport systems of the country.


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