Composition: A Birthday Party I Attended

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Composition: A Birthday Party I Attended
Composition: A Birthday Party I Attended

Write a composition about A Birthday Party I Attended.


A birthday party is a joyful event. Usually a birthday party is organize in home environment . Close friends and relatives are invited to a birthday party. People meet friends and relatives and enjoy themselves in a birthday party. 


Last month I attended the birthday party of my cousin Farhana. The party was held at her residence at 26, Rahmatgonj, Chittagong on the 26 May, 2006. The time for the party was scheduled to be held at 7 p.m. A few days before the party she had phoned me inviting to the party. 

On the appointed day I reached her residence on time. The interior  of the house was decorated nicely on the occassion. I took some books and flowers for her as gift. When I entered the house, she received me cordially and accepted my gifts with appreciation. She was wearing a nice dress. There were already many friends and relatives of her present. All of them were nicely groomed and enjoying the party. It was her seventeenth birthday. 

A big birthday cake was brought for the party. The cake was placed on the dining table. There were seventeen candle lit around the cake. There were many other delicious dishes arranged on the table as well. We all gathered around the table. She put out the candles and cut the cake. All the guests began to sing “Happy Birthday to you”. Then we ate the cake and other foods prepared. The cameras went on clicking. The party ended by my cousin’s speech. She thanked all the friends and relatives for coming and brining gifts for her. 


It was indeed a nice and enjoyable evening. I will always remember the happy moments of the party.

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