Changing Sentences (The Passive) Class 9 5th week English Assignment Solution

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Complete this conversation between two friends, using the words after it (a-1) and the correct passive forms. The first one is done for you.

Antara : Have you seen my recent posts in Facebook? 
Amy : Yes, they are lovely. (a) Where were the photographs taken? 
Antara : On my way to Barishal from Dhaka. 
Amy : Okay. And (b) when were they taken?
Antara : Last week when I went to my cousin’s wedding party.
Amy : (c) I wasn’t invited.
         so I didn’t know.
Antara : (d) The party wasn’t planned much early. And sorry that was not planned.
           (e) Many people weren’t invited. 
            A big party (f) will be arranged soon.
Amy : (g) How many people were invited in the previous one?
Antara : All family members only-roughly about 15-20.
Amy : How (h) many people will be invited in the next one?
Antara : A few hundred, I guess.
Amy : I’m (i) not surprised it should be like that.


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