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Bounce English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Bounce English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Bounce, Sentence example of Bounce, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Bounce.


অর্থঃ সজড়ে লাফিয়ে উঠা

Synonyms of Bounce

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Use of Bounce in a Sentence

  • He was bouncing a tennis ball against the garage door.
  • bouncing the ball back and forth
  • The children love to bounce on the bed.
  • The winner bounced up and down with delight.
  • Her curls bounced as she jumped.
  • He bounced the baby on his knee.
  • She gave me a check for 20 dollars, but the check bounced, and I never got the money.
  • He bounced a 100-dollar check at the grocery store.
  • The store charges a $15 fee for a bounced check.
  • The ball took a high bounce over the shortstop’s head.
  • He caught the ball on the first bounce.
  • a basketball that has lost all its bounce
  • The shampoo promises to give limp hair lots of bounce.
  • After the debates, she enjoyed a big bounce in the election polls.

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