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Besides English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Besides English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Besides, Sentence example of Besides, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ অধিকন্ত, আরও, তাছাড়া

Synonyms of Besides

as well as, beside, beyond, over and above

Use of Besides in a Sentence

  • no one besides us
  • a decision that, besides being practical, is morally right
  • serves pizza, pasta, and many other foods besides
  • I can’t go, and besides, I wouldn’t go if I could.
  • knows a lot about pop culture but very little besides
  • She wants to learn other languages besides English and French.
  • Besides its famous cakes, the bakery also makes delicious breads and cookies.
  • These salads are delicious besides being healthy.
  • I’m not ready to get married yet. Besides which, I enjoy living alone.
  • They serve pasta and many other foods besides.
  • I’m not ready to get married yet. Besides, I enjoy living alone.
  • no one besides me knows about it
  • besides being useful, it looks good
  • had a big dinner and dessert besides

First use of Besides

The first known use of besides was in the 15th century

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