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Below English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Below English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Below, Sentence example of Below, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ নিচে, নিচের দিকে

Synonyms of Below

beneath, under, underneath

Use of Below in a Sentence

  • gazed at the water below
  • ordered the crew below
  • suitable for children age 10 and below
  • the temperature was 20 below
  • See the graph below.
  • thirty fathoms below
  • Our apartment is below theirs.
  • moored a mile below town
  • located 20 miles below the nation’s capital
  • A lieutenant is below a captain.
  • considers such work below him
  • the below list
  • The pencil rolled off the desk and fell to the floor below.
  • The pilot looked down at the sea far below.
  • We heard the elevator stop at the floor below.
  • They secured the goods on deck and went below.
  • All personnel, captain and below, were ordered to report for duty.
  • Our apartment is below theirs.
  • We could see only clouds below us.
  • The diver descended below 25 meters.
  • The sun disappeared below the horizon.
  • a spot directly below us
  • the valley far below us
  • Temperatures were below average all week.
  • She worked for wage rates below those of other workers.
  • He ranks far below his superior.
  • the temperature was 20 below
  • the diver descends below 25 meters
  • the paragraph below
  • deductions taken below the line

First use of Below

The first known use of below was in the 15th century

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