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Beings English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Beings English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Beings, Sentence example of Beings, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ সত্তা; অস্তিত্ব; হত্তন; বিদ্যমান বস্তু; বিদ্যমান ব্যক্তি; সমগ্র সত্তা; সমগ্র প্রকৃতি; সত্তামান্ পুরুষ; অস্তিত্বপূর্ণ পুরুষ; প্রাণী;

Synonyms of Beings

baby, bird, bod [British], body, character, cookie (or cooky), creature, customer, devil, duck, egg, face, fish, guy, head, human, human being, individual, life, man, mortal, party, person, personage, scout, slob, sort, soul, specimen, stiff, thing, wight

Use of Beings in a Sentence

  • a social movement that came into being in the 1960s
  • I knew it was true in the core of my being.
  • sentient beings
  • a very sexual being
  • plans to remain single for the time being
  • a social movement that was brought into being in the 1960s
  • I knew it was true in the core of my being.

First use of Beings

The first known use of being was in the 14th century

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