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Behind English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Behind English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Behind, Sentence example of Behind, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ পশ্চাতে,পিছনের দিকে, অতিক্রম করে

Synonyms of Behind

behindhand, belated, delinquent, late, latish, overdue, tardy

Use of Behind in a Sentence

  • stay behind
  • look behind
  • can spring be far behind
  • behind in the rent
  • look behind you
  • the sun went behind a cloud
  • marched behind the band
  • behind the times
  • the conditions behind the strike
  • put our troubles behind us
  • the story behind the story
  • solidly behind the candidate
  • won 1–0 behind brilliant pitching
  • get your behind over here
  • The older students entered the room first with the younger students following behind them.
  • The cat hid behind the couch.
  • The sun went behind a cloud.
  • They were ahead of us by 5 points earlier in the game, but now they’re behind us by 7.
  • The polls show that he is behind the other candidates.
  • The company is now behind the competition.
  • He was behind the other students in his studies.
  • kicked him in the behind
  • stay behind
  • look behind
  • behind in school
  • behind in the car payments
  • look behind you
  • sales are behind those of last year
  • the reasons behind our success
  • we’re behind you all the way

First use of Behind

The first known use of behind was before the 12th century

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