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Beguile English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Beguile English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Beguile, Sentence example of Beguile, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ প্রতারনা করা,অন্যদিকে মনোযোগ ফেরানো

Synonyms of Beguile

allure, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, fascinate, kill, magnetize, wile, witch [archaic]

Use of Beguile in a Sentence

  • beguiled her classmates into doing the work for her
  • His seductive voice beguiled the audience.
  • beguiled into ambush
  • had intended to beguile
  • tried to deceive me about the cost
  • I was misled by the confusing sign
  • we were deluded into thinking we were safe
  • was beguiled by false promises
  • She was cunning enough to beguile her classmates into doing the work for her.
  • They were beguiled into thinking they’d heard the whole story.
  • Almost everything in the quaint little town beguiles, from its architecture to its art to its people.
  • He beguiled the audience with his smooth and seductive voice.
  • was beguiled into thinking everything was all right
  • a beguiling manner
  • beguile the time by telling stories

First use of Beguile

The first known use of beguile was in the 13th century

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