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Bearing English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Bearing English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Bearing, Sentence example of Bearing, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ সম্বন্ধ

Synonyms of Bearing

applicability, connection, materiality, pertinence, relevance, relevancy

Use of Bearing in a Sentence

  • a man of dignified bearing
  • a woman past bearing
  • three bearings in a year
  • The lion is a common bearing.
  • on a northerly bearing
  • take a bearing
  • The ship lost its bearings in the fog.
  • facts that have a direct bearing on the question
  • the bearing of that remark
  • a beam with 4 inches of bearing upon the wall
  • a woman of regal bearing
  • your deportment was atrocious
  • the haughty demeanor of the headwaiter
  • a mien of supreme self-satisfaction
  • the imperious manner of a man used to giving orders
  • the kind of carriage learned at boarding school
  • a man of military bearing
  • these new facts have some bearing on the case
  • take a bearing
  • lost their bearings
  • personal feelings had no bearing on our decision

First use of Bearing

The first known use of bearing was in the 14th century

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