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Balmy Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Balmy, Sentence example of Balmy

অর্থঃ প্রশমনকারী; সুবাসিত; উপশমকারী; সুরভিত; সুগন্ধ; শান্তিদায়ক; শান্তিকর; সুগন্ধি; ভেষজ; নির্যাসপ্রদ; বেদনা উপশমকারী; স্নিগ্ধ; ছিটেল; প্রাণজোড়ানো;

Synonyms of Balmy

barmy [chiefly British], bats, batty, bedlam, bonkers, brainsick, bughouse [slang], certifiable, crackbrained, cracked, crackers, crackpot, cranky [dialect], crazed, crazy, cuckoo, daffy, daft, demented, deranged, fruity [slang], gaga, haywire, insane, kooky (also kookie), loco [slang], loony (also looney), loony tunes (or looney tunes), lunatic, mad, maniacal (also maniac), mental, meshuga (or meshugge also meshugah or meshuggah), moonstruck, non compos mentis, nuts, nutty, psycho, psychotic, scatty [chiefly British], screwy, unbalanced, unhinged, unsound, wacko (also whacko), wacky (also whacky), wud [chiefly Scottish]

Use of Balmy in a Sentence

  • balmy weather
  • a completely balmy but harmless old man who talked intently to plants and believed they answered back
  • a pleasant, balmy breeze was all that stirred the wildflowers growing near the shore
  • balmy weather

First use of Balmy

The first known use of balmy was in the 15th century

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