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Bald Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Bald, Sentence example of Bald

অর্থঃ টেকো ; নাড়া ; টাক ; ইন্দ্রলুপ্ত

Synonyms of Bald

bare, denuded, exposed, naked, open, peeled, stripped, uncovered

Use of Bald in a Sentence

  • his bald head
  • bald tires
  • a horse with a bald face
  • a bald assertion
  • bald arrogance
  • balding with age
  • an apartment with bare walls
  • poor half-naked children
  • a nude model posing for art students
  • a bald mountain peak
  • barren plains
  • All of his uncles are completely bald.
  • He had gone completely bald by the age of 30.
  • He covered his bald head with a baseball cap.
  • There’s a bald spot on the top of his head.
  • There are bald patches in the cat’s fur.
  • an old car with bald tires
  • the bald facts
  • his head is balding

First use of Bald

The first known use of bald was in the 14th century

Nearby Words

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