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Backwardness Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Backwardness, Sentence example of Backwardness

অর্থঃ পশ্চাদপদতা; অনগ্রসরতা; অনুন্নত অবস্থা; অনুন্নতি; পশ্চাত্পদতা;

Synonyms of Backwardness

back, rearward (also rearwards)

Use of Backwardness in a Sentence

  • She glanced backward over her shoulder.
  • Take three steps backward.
  • Count backward from 10.
  • a journey backward in time
  • His new job felt like a step backward.
  • He said he would bend over backward to make the deal.
  • a backward glance
  • a backward somersault
  • a technologically backward village
  • a sudden movement backward, not forward
  • I heard a noise behind me and glanced backward.
  • He pushed the throttle backward.
  • She took a small step backward.
  • a journey backward in time
  • The narrative moves backward and forward in time.
  • a technologically backward village that has no running water
  • a backward turn on ice skates is hard to learn because you can’t see where you’re going
  • look backward
  • ride backward
  • count backward
  • a backward glance
  • backward nations

First use of Backwardness

The first known use of backward was in the 14th century

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