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Background Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Background, Sentence example of Background

অর্থঃ পটভূমি; অলক্ষ্য স্থান; অবজ্ঞাত অবস্থা; পশ্চাদ্ভূমি; পারিপার্শ্বিক অবস্থা; পরিবেশ; পশ্চাত্প্রদেশ; প্রেক্ষাপট; পটভূমিকা; পরিপ্রেক্ষিত; নেপথ্য; পশ্চাতপট; প্রস্থানভূমি;

Synonyms of Background

backdrop, ground

Use of Background in a Sentence

  • a picture of her son with mountains in the background
  • dark shadows in the background of the painting
  • using a family photograph as her computer background
  • shy people who try to stay in the background
  • the economic background of the American Civil War
  • background information
  • comparing the candidates’ backgrounds
  • a recording with a lot of background noise
  • an official speaking on background
  • the shocking decision was part of the background of the riots
  • a militant reformer who was born into an unlikely social setting
  • the kind of environment that produces juvenile delinquents
  • an intellectual milieu conducive to artistic experimentation
  • a gothic thriller with a carefully crafted mise-en-scène
  • Objects in the foreground are drawn larger than those in the background.
  • a photograph of a house with mountains in the background
  • red letters printed on a white background
  • An ethnic conflict that was simmering away in the background finally erupted into civil war.
  • Let me provide you with some background on this problem.
  • always tries to keep in the background

First use of Background

The first known use of background was in 1672

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