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Backer Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Backer, Sentence example of Backer

অর্থঃ সমর্থক; সাহায্যকারী;

Synonyms of Backer

rear, reverse, tail

Use of Backer in a Sentence

  • They were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
  • Put your back into it!
  • get off my back
  • the police officer’s partner always watches his back
  • riding on the back of an elephant
  • She had surgery on her back.
  • The title is on the book’s back.
  • I only saw him from the back.
  • the back of the head
  • wrote the number on the back of an envelope
  • back of a chair
  • sat in back
  • a defensive back
  • She placed first in the 100-meter back.
  • talking about me behind my back
  • asked the crowd to move back
  • looking back on her youth
  • several years back
  • leaned back on his chair
  • He wanted to fight but his friends held him back.
  • Bad weather set the launch date back several days.
  • finished three strokes back
  • She left home and never went back.
  • went back to private life
  • forgot to write back
  • back door
  • back roads
  • back vowels
  • is owed several months in back pay
  • back action with oars
  • back issues of a magazine
  • backing a candidate for governor
  • back up a friend in a fight
  • needs to back up her argument with evidence
  • back a new company
  • a singer backed up by a guitarist
  • back the car into the garage
  • back a skirt with stiff material
  • a row of garages back the building
  • backed into a parking space
  • back up to give him some space
  • The house backs onto a golf course.
  • has been back and filling on the issue
  • backed into the antiques business
  • supports waterfront development
  • upheld the legitimacy of the military action
  • advocated prison reform
  • refusing to back the call for sanctions
  • championed the rights of children
  • the flood waters gradually receded
  • retreating soldiers
  • a cat retracting its claws
  • backed off on the throttle
  • She was carrying her little daughter on her back.
  • She has a pain in the small of her back.
  • I slapped him on his back to congratulate him.
  • She stabbed him in the back.
  • He had his hands behind his back.
  • a bird with a dark back
  • riding on the back of a horse
  • a comfortable chair with a padded back
  • The soldiers moved back from the front lines.
  • The police asked the crowd to move back from the scene of the accident.
  • He left his friends two miles back.
  • She turned around and looked back toward him.
  • a chapter beginning several pages back
  • He left his home and never went back.
  • It’s time to go back home.
  • She took the book off the shelf and forgot to put it back.
  • In the opening chapter the author looks back on his youth.
  • an event back in the last century
  • He keeps his wallet in his back pocket.
  • We came in through the back entrance.
  • We drove on the back roads instead of the main roads.
  • The company owes him several months in back pay.
  • I’m backing him for President.
  • She backed the winner of the race and won a lot of money.
  • She backed her argument with written evidence.
  • She backed the singer on the guitar.
  • She backed into a parking space.
  • She backed out of the garage.
  • The dog kept growling but backed off cautiously.
  • back a skirt with stiff material
  • back of a chair
  • held back
  • write back
  • back door
  • back roads
  • back rent
  • back issues of a magazine
  • the wind backed around
  • back rent
  • reinstated with back pay

First use of Backer

The first known use of back was before the 12th century

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