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Writing an essay or composition about “A Rickshaw Puller


A rickshaw puller (রিক্সাচালক) is a familiar figure (পরিচিত মুখ) in our country. He pulls his rickshaw and carries people and goods (পণ্য) to other places.

A Rickshaw Puller  Essay - Composition

Description of a Rickshaw Puller

We can usually find a rickshaw puller in bad physical condition (অবস্থা). He is never well dressed (ভালোভাবে পোশাক). We will always find a rickshaw puller in torn (ছেড়া) shirt and lungi. He usually bears a gamsa (local towel) with him to wipe (মোছা) his sweat (ঘাম) as well as to wipe the seats of his rickshaw.

Life and Work of a Rickshaw Puller

The work of a rickshaw puller is not easy. It is a difficult job to pull a rickshaw and a rickshaw puller has to do his job from the daybreak (ভোর) to the midnight. With so much toil (কঠোর পরিশ্রম) what he earns is really scanty (অপর্যাপ্ত). He cannot live with his family well with his earning. He lives from hand to mouth. A rickshaw puller lives in slum (বস্তি) with his family. The family of a rickshaw puller also lives in abject poverty (চরম দারিদ্র). His wife wears shabby clothes and his children remain half naked (উলঙ্গ). He cannot provide enough food for his family. His children cannot get good education. His family does not get the necessary medical care. In rainy season flood water enters into his house and the roof (ছাদ) of his house leaks.

Where Found

We can find a rickshaw almost everywhere in the country. Usually, rickshaw pullers are seen at busy places such as the main junction of the roads, in front of the offices, colleges, schools, railway stations, launch and steamer terminals and bus stops.

Nature of the Rickshaw Puller

In spite of stark (চরম) poverty, most of the rickshaw pullers are honest. But there are also some dishonest and extremely (অত্যন্ত) clever (চালাক) rickshaw pullers who overcharge (অতিরিক্ত টাকা দাবী করে) the passengers.


A rickshaw puller leads a very tough (কঠিন) life. In spite of his hard labour he cannot earn enough. So, he is always hungry, insecure (নিরাপত্তাহীন) and in financial need. If he falls into any accident he cannot bear (বহন করা) the expenses of his medical treatment. Then he cannot earn by pulling his rickshaw and his family has to starve (উপোস থাকে). In such conditions he has to borrow money from the usurers (সুদখোর). There is no social safety (নিরাপত্তা) for him. Hence, it is necessary to provide assistance and security for the rickshaw pullers from the government and society.


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