Dowry System : Paragraph

Dowry means property or money brought by a bride to her husband when they marry. Usually in our society female children are considered inferior to male children. They are thought to be of no use to the family. So, during marriage ceremony a section of greedy people claim much wealth or money from the guardians of the brides. The poor and illiterate girls mainly become the victims of dowry. If the guardians fail to fulfill the demand of their bridegroom, they misbehave with their wives and sometimes torture them seriously. As a result many of them get divorced or commit suicide or are killed by their husbands. This system has affected our whole society. At present a father cannot think of the marriage of his daughter without giving dowry to the bridegroom. I am dead against this evil system of the society. This evil system should be uprooted from the society immediately. This social curse can be eliminated by changing the outlook of the people especially the male members of the society and by taking strict legal measures against the persons who take dowry. 


There are many hateful systems in a poor or developing country. Dowry is a curse and this system is the most hateful system of our country. There is no written statement of it but it is a hateful act of the narrow-minded fathers. Dowry system is widely prevailed in the Hindu society because a daughter does not get any share of her father’s property. As Bangladesh was a part of Indian sub-continent, this system has been introduced to the Muslim society. The father or the guardian of the bridegroom take dowry in form of cash money, gold, silver, furniture, electronic instruments, land property etc. The father of the bride is the victim of dowry. As Bangladesh is a poor country, most families are poor. In most cases, these poor fathers have to pay the demanded dowry by borrowing money or by giving lease land or by selling land. Thus they become poor to poorer gradually. If the bride’s father cannot fulfill the demand of dowry, the bridegroom tortures and the in-laws maltreat the bride. Sometimes the husband divorces his wife. In this case, she has to be a barden to the father’s family with her infant children. She has to pass a miserable life working outside as a daily labor or maid-servant. Her children do not get any education and they become the street children or do various works. Only a few families are rich. The curse of dowry is great among the poor and uneducated people of the villages and towns. The elimination of the dowry system depends on the government and the conscious people. If the government think over about the root causes and pass effective rules and apply the rules properly and strictly, and if the conscious people help to remove this system, this social curse can be eliminated from the society.

 এই রকম আরও তথ্য পেতে আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে লাইক দিয়ে যুক্ত থাকুন। এর পাশাপাশি গুগল নিউজে আমাদের ফলো করুন। 

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