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Your School Magazine

 Write a paragraph on “Your School Magazine”. Your writing should address the following questions: 

(a) What is a school magazine? 

(b) What is the name of your school magazine? 

(c) How is the magazine committee formed? 

(d) What does it contain? 

(e)  What is the importance of a school magazine? 

Our School Magazine

A school magazine contains literary works and other information about a school. Every year, our school publishes a very nice magazine. The name of the magazine is ‘Campus’. There is a magazine committee in order to publish the magazine smoothly. The committee consists of nine members. The members of the committee are the chief patron, adviser, editor, assistant editors, business editors, proofreaders, assistant proofreaders, etc. Our Headteacher holds the post of chief patron and a senior teacher becomes the adviser. The editor, business editors, and assistant proofreaders have been selected from the students. A magazine fund has also been made up of the school ‘Magazine Fee’. The editor invites writings both in Bangla and English. Then, after proper scrutiny, the best ones are selected for publishing. The business editors collect some money by selling spaces in the magazine for advertisements. There are messages from the Headteacher and the secretary of the school, annual reports, essays, short stories, short plays, etc. in it. It also contains jokes, quizzes, and puzzles. Our school magazine greatly helps promote team spirit among us. It helps us enrich our creativity. It is also a great source of our pleasure. Our joys know no bounds when we find our own writings in a printed book.

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