The Wonders of Modern Science | Essay – Composition

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Dear students, Today I will discuss “The Wonders of Modern Science” essay/composition. How scientific discoveries are affecting our lives in the present era. I will highlight some discoveries in science that have made our lives easier.

The Wonders of Modern Science  Essay - Composition
The Wonders of Modern Science – Essay – Composition. Photo Source: iStockphoto


At present we are living in the age of science. Everywhere (সর্বত্র) we can see the wonders (আশ্চৰ্যজনক বিষয়সমূহ) science has done. Now science has changed the way look. It has changed our lifestyle (জীবনধারা) dramatically (নাটকীয়ভাবে). For instance (উদাহরনস্বরূপ), once upon a time people had to cover long distances to give and receive messages, which took even months. Now we can send and receive messages with the help of telephone, telegram, fax, and e-mail. Once things like flour, paper, cloth etc. had to be made with manual labour. Now cloth, paper, pen, pencil etc. are made in machines. Seeds are sown, crops are harvested and husked (খোসা ছাড়ানো হয়) mechanically.

Wonderful Inventions

The present civilization (সভ্যতা) is literally (আক্ষরিক অর্থেই) the wonder of modern science. Some of the remarkable (উল্লেখযােগ্য) contributions (অবদান) of modern science are as follows:


Electricity is undoubtedly (নিঃসন্দেহে) the most important invention (আবিষ্কার) of modern science. It is the biggest improvement (উন্নয়ন) of modern civilization. With the invention of electricity, our life has changed radically (বৈপ্লবিকভাবে). Electricity is a great source of energy. It has stimulated (উদ্দীপ্ত করেছে) the invention of many other things based on its power. Modern civilization is, indeed, indebted (ঋণী) to electricity for its progress.

Helicopter and Aeroplane

The helicopter and aeroplane are important inventions of modern science. They have provided mankind with wings. Now man can fly to other places in helicopters and aeroplanes. Helicopters and aeroplanes can cover great distances in a very short time.

Telephone, Mobile Phone, Wireless and Videophone

Modern science has brought about revolution (বিপ্লব) in the field of communication. Now one can contact with another person in any corner of the world within seconds with the help of telephone, mobile phone and wireless. Video chat is one step forward where we can both hear voices and see pictures of the person we are talking to.

Radio and Television

Radio and television are two wonderful inventions of modern science. We can hear the voice of the speaker from any part of the world on radio. Television goes one step forward. With the help of television, we can not only hear the sound and voice of the speaker but aslo see programmes and events (ঘটনা).

Computer and Internet

Computer is one of the most significant (উল্লেখযােগ্য) inventions of modern science. It has opened (উন্মুক্ত করেছে) the door to endless possibility. Nowadays the good influence of computer can be found in every aspect of our life. Computer has made all kinds of difficult calculations and processes much easier. Internet, which is essentially a network of computers and was developed based on the computer technology, has started a new era in the field of communication (যোগাযোগ), interaction (মত বিনিময়) and transaction (লেনদেন).

Nuclear Technology

Nuclear technology has given mankind an unthinkable (অচিন্তনীয়) source of power. This power can be used both for peace and destruction (ধ্বংস). If used for peaceful causes, it can be used as a substitute (বিকল্প) for fuel (জ্বালানী) and for generating (উৎপাদন) electricity. If used for destructive purposes, it can kill millions of people and destroy a city in an instant (এক মুহূর্তে).

Artificial Satellite and Space Travel

Artificial satellites (উপগ্রহ) are used for communication and weather forecasts (পূর্বানুমান). Science has reached mankind to the age of dream by enabling space travel.

Inventions in the fields of Medicine, Agriculture and Education

Science has brought about numerous (অসংখ্য) inventions in the fields of medicine, agriculture and education. Important inventions in medicine include vaccines (টিকা), X-ray, ultrasonography, eco-cardiography, CT scan, chemotherapy, plastic surgery etc.. Biotechnology has caused a revolution in the field of agriculture. Scientific inventions such as computers, the internet, television, calculator etc. have also improved the quality of education to a great extent.


Scientific inventions influence (প্রভাবিত করে) us at every step. Now we cannot live a single day without science. We are blessed with the wonderful inventions of modern science. So we should put the discoveries of science to good use. So that the welfare of the country and nation is achieved.

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