Satellite TV Channels : Paragraph

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Satellite TV Channels  Paragraph
Satellite TV Channels  Paragraph

Writing a Paragraph about “Satellite TV Channels”

Satellite TV Channels

Television has become the most common and most comprehensive source of knowledge, entertainment and information in today’s world. And satellite television has added a new dimension to our world of entertainment. Now with the help of satellite TV, we can access the television and remote broadcasting of different countries. Satellite is used for communicating by radio or television. These satellite channels have brought a tremendous change in the world of education and entertainment of the people. Telecasting satellites has become very popular nowadays. Many programs broadcast via satellite are very useful for us. These are not only interesting but also educational. People can watch various joyous programs sitting at home. Some channels are very informative like Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet channel, some telecast live shows and commercial serials some telecast only sports programs like ESPN, Star Sports, Ten Sports channel. Some channels telecast only news and documentaries. It broadcasts some programs that are highly instructive. For example, it helps us understand the culture and people of other countries. In this way, the satellite brings the people of the world closer to each other through mutual understanding. It really makes the world smaller. We can also take steps to introduce ourselves and our culture to foreign audiences. Through this our store of information and knowledge is enriched. But satellite TV is not all boon. It also has its disadvantages. First, it is a threat to the values, traditions and religious beliefs of developing countries. Its shadow has fallen on the national broadcast. Through satellite the East is being exposed more and more to western music, entertainment and modes of behaviuor. As a result, young people’s tastes are gradually being influenced by them. I think to prevent this situation there should be a committee, the government to enforce a policy regarding which channels can be permitted and which should be censored. They should telecast our own culture and patronise the folk artist and folk music rather than western or Indian music. We should receive the instructive sight of satellite and destructive sights should be avoided. We must have to remind that these satellite TV channels telecast programmes only for their commercial interest.


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