My Class Teacher Short Paragraph

Write a paragraph about your class teacher. Mention his teaching method, his principle, his behaviour and other qualities.

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The person who teaches the students in any educational institution is called a teacher. All of my teachers are favorites to me. I have a deep respect for all of them. The teacher who impresses and influences me much is my class teacher. His academic qualifications are very bright. He is an English teacher. He teaches us English in an interesting and charming way. He makes the difficult problems of English very easy. Even the most uninteresting lessons become enjoyable and effective by his practical teaching. Everybody enjoys his lessons with deep attention.

He does not feel fatigued to perform his duties. He is a man of strict principles. He performs his administrative activities with justice. So, he is respected by all. He is an absolute disciplinarian. He helps us to be disciplined. He seems to be a born teacher. He teaches us manners and customs. His affection, ever-smiling face, his advice, his behavior and his modest manners will remain ever fresh in my heart. He has all the qualities of an excellent teacher and as an excellent man. I have not seen a better man than he. He is a man of extraordinary merits. I am grateful to him. I love and respect him from the core of my heart. Write a paragraph about your parents. Mention their affectionate activity, occupation, personality, and above all their role in your life.


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