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Cast English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Cast English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Cast, Sentence example of Cast, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Cast.


অর্থঃ নিক্ষেপ করা; ছাচে ঢালা

Synonyms of Cast

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Use of Cast in a Sentence

  • discard old clothes
  • cast off her friends
  • shed a bad habit
  • finally sloughed off the depression
  • scrap all the old ways
  • would junk our educational system
  • can throw a fastball and a curve
  • cast it to the winds
  • tossed the coat on the bed
  • flung the ring back in his face
  • hurled himself at the intruder
  • pitch horseshoes
  • slung the bag over his shoulder
  • Seaweed was cast up by the waves.
  • The tree cast a long shadow on the lawn.
  • How many votes were cast?
  • She has a cast on her arm.
  • They made a mask from a wax cast of her face.

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