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Caricature English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Caricature English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Caricature, Sentence example of Caricature, English to Bengali Dictionary. Bengali translation of Caricature.


অর্থঃ ব্যঙ্গাত্মক বর্ণনা বা অনুকরণ

Synonyms of Caricature

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Use of Caricature in a Sentence

  • caricatures of politicians in cartoons
  • a nightclub burlesque of a trial in court
  • a witty parody of a popular novel
  • this production is a travesty of the opera
  • An artist was doing caricatures in the park.
  • His performance in the film was a caricature of a hard-boiled detective.
  • The interview made her into a caricature of a struggling artist.
  • The press caricatured him as clumsy and forgetful.
  • caricatured the supervisor’s distinctive walk

First use of Caricature

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