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Benefits English to Bangla meaning

Looking for Benefits English to Bangla meaning? Synonyms of Benefits, Sentence example of Benefits, English to Bangla dictionary

অর্থঃ সুবিধা; উপকার; লাভ; উপকারিতা; কল্যাণ; অনুগ্রহ; মঙ্গল; ফায়দা; নাফা; ক্ষেম; শ্রেয়; সুযোগ;

Synonyms of Benefits

advantage, aid, asset, boon, help

Use of Benefits in a Sentence

  • discounted prices and other benefits of a museum membership
  • without the benefit of a lawyer
  • is on unemployment benefit
  • collecting his retirement benefits
  • The job doesn’t pay much, but the benefits are good.
  • holding a benefit to raise money for the school
  • tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy
  • patients who will benefit from the drug
  • the benefits of fresh air and sunshine
  • A benefit of museum membership is that purchases are discounted.
  • There are many financial benefits to owning your own home.
  • She is just now starting to reap the benefits of all her hard work.
  • The benefits of taking the drug outweigh its risks.
  • I see no benefit in changing the system now.
  • We’re lucky to be able to get the full benefit of her knowledge.
  • He began collecting his retirement benefits when he was 65.
  • He began collecting his retirement benefit when he was 65.
  • The job doesn’t pay much, but the benefits are good.
  • The new plan may benefit many students.
  • medicines that benefit thousands of people
  • The politician held a fund-raiser to benefit his campaign.
  • Some critics say that the tax cuts only benefit wealthy people.
  • He’ll benefit by having experiences I never did.
  • the benefits of fresh air and sunshine
  • had to perform without the benefit of a rehearsal
  • medicines that benefit all
  • I benefited from the experience

First use of Benefits

The first known use of benefit was in the 14th century

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