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Bank Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Bank, Sentence example of Bank

অর্থঃ তীর, কিনার, টাকা জমা বা লেনদেন করার ব্যবসায়িক জায়গা

Synonyms of Bank

bar, drift, mound

Use of Bank in a Sentence

  • a fog bank
  • We lived along the banks of the Mississippi River.
  • climbed a steep bank up to the cabin
  • The engineers hadn’t given the road enough bank.
  • The bomber crossed the target area in a sharp bank.
  • bank a fishpond
  • They banked the campfire at midnight so it could be easily revived in the morning.
  • banking sand up along a river to prevent flooding
  • bank in a rebound
  • The pilot banked right.
  • skiers banking around the turn
  • paychecks automatically deposited into the bank
  • select another domino from the bank
  • memory banks
  • a blood bank
  • choosing where to bank
  • bank a check
  • can always bank on her friendship
  • a bank of vending machines
  • worked at a phone bank calling potential donors
  • reading the bank of the headline
  • bank a curve
  • a blood bank
  • banks $10 every week
  • we’re banking on fair weather for the trip
  • a bank of seats
  • data bank
  • a sperm bank

First use of Bank

The first known use of bank was in the 13th century

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