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Award Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Award, Sentence example of Award

অর্থঃ বিচার পূর্বক

Synonyms of Award


Use of Award in a Sentence

  • award scholarships to disadvantaged students
  • The jury awarded damages to the defendant.
  • a film that has won several awards
  • granted them a new hearing
  • even her critics concede she can be charming
  • vouchsafed the secret to only a few chosen disciples
  • accorded all the honors befitting a head of state
  • awarded the company a huge defense contract
  • The judges will award a prize to the best speaker.
  • The winner was awarded a gold medal.
  • A prize will be awarded to the student who sells the most tickets.
  • The jury awarded damages to the defendant.
  • The company is awarding the contract to the lowest bidder.
  • He was awarded a patent for his invention.
  • Will the film win any awards at the festival?
  • She has won numerous awards for her books.
  • award damages
  • award a prize to the best speaker
  • award punitive damages
  • awarded the contract to the lowest bidder

First use of Award

The first known use of award was in the 13th century

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