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Awake Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Awake, Sentence example of Awake

অর্থঃ জাগা; জাগানো

Synonyms of Awake

arouse, awaken, knock up [British], rouse, wake, waken

Use of Awake in a Sentence

  • She awoke late that morning.
  • when the volcano awoke
  • awoke to the possibilities
  • He was awoken by the storm.
  • an experience that awoke old memories
  • I’m so tired I can barely stay awake.
  • aware of changes in climate
  • not fully cognizant of the facts
  • conscious that my heart was pounding
  • sensible of a teacher’s influence
  • alive to the thrill of danger
  • a country always awake to the threat of invasion
  • She fell asleep immediately but awoke an hour later.
  • I awoke several times during the night.
  • The baby awoke from his nap.
  • The alarm awoke me early.
  • They were awoken by a loud bang.
  • Drinking coffee keeps him awake.
  • I am so tired I can barely stay awake.
  • She was lying awake, tossing and turning.
  • One moment she was sleeping soundly—the next she was wide awake.
  • awoke to their danger
  • awoke old memories

First use of Awake

The first known use of awake was before the 12th century

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