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Authorities Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Authorities, Sentence example of Authorities

অর্থঃ কর্তৃপক্ষ; শাসকগোষ্ঠী;

Synonyms of Authorities

ace, adept, artist, cognoscente, connoisseur, crackerjack (also crackajack), dab [chiefly British], dab hand [chiefly British], expert, fiend, geek, guru, hand, hotshot, maestro, master, maven (also mavin), meister, past master, proficient, scholar, shark, sharp, virtuoso, whiz, wizard

Use of Authorities in a Sentence

  • the president’s authority
  • Who gave you the authority to do as you wish?
  • the local authorities of each state
  • the transit authority
  • had excellent authority for believing the claim
  • lent authority to the performance
  • He quoted extensively from the Bible, his sole authority.
  • The prosecutor called the psychiatrist as an authority.
  • used her influence to get the bill passed
  • his opinions lacked authority
  • the prestige of the newspaper
  • their wishes obviously carried much weight
  • his credit with the press
  • the power to mold public opinion
  • granted the authority to manage her estate
  • the bureau having jurisdiction over parks
  • you are responsible for the students under your control
  • the army officer in command
  • the empire extended its sway over the region
  • given dominion over all the animals
  • The boss is not popular but his authority is unquestioned.
  • She has an air of authority.
  • Her southern accent lent authority to her performance.
  • We reported the incident to hospital authorities.
  • Local authorities are investigating the accident.
  • the authority to hire workers
  • local authorities
  • spoke with authority
  • the authority of the president
  • within the scope of the treasurer’s authority
  • the local authorities
  • the transit authority
  • should apply for a permit to the permitting authority

First use of Authorities

The first known use of authority was in the 13th century

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