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অর্থঃ চিত্তাকর্ষক
SYNONYM: bewitching (similar term)|captivating (similar term)|enchanting (similar term)|enthralling (similar term)|entrancing (similar term)|fascinating (similar term)|charismatic (similar term)|magnetic (similar term)|cunning (similar term)|cute (similar term)|dinky (similar term)|engaging (similar term)|piquant (similar term)|fetching (similar term)|taking (similar term)|winning (similar term)|hypnotic (similar term)|mesmeric (similar term)|mesmerizing (similar term)|spellbinding (similar term)|irresistible (similar term)|personable (similar term)|photogenic (similar term)|prepossessing (similar term)|winsome (similar term)|beautiful (related term)|inviting (related term)|pleasing (related term)|seductive (related term)|unattractive (antonym)

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