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Attraction Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Attraction, Sentence example of Attraction

অর্থঃ আকর্ষণ শক্তি

Synonyms of Attraction

draw, lodestone (also loadstone), magnet

Use of Attraction in a Sentence

  • coming attractions
  • felt an attraction to danger
  • an affinity for mathematics
  • two minds in sympathy
  • The waterfall continues to be the main attraction at the park.
  • The town’s big attraction for movie lovers is the annual film festival.
  • She is the star attraction of the show.
  • There’s a strong sexual attraction between them.
  • His attraction to her grew over the course of their time together.
  • A good relationship is based on more than just physical attraction.
  • I understand the attraction of skydiving, but I could never do it.
  • What are the attractions of owning your own business?

First use of Attraction

The first known use of attraction was circa 1575

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