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Attack Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Attack, Sentence example of Attack

অর্থঃ আক্রমণ করা

Synonyms of Attack

assail, assault, beset, bushwhack, charge, descend (on or upon), go in (on), jump (on), pounce (on or upon), raid, rush, set on, sic (also sick), storm, strike, trash, turn (on)

Use of Attack in a Sentence

  • attack an enemy fortification
  • a politician verbally attacked by critics
  • plants attacked by aphids
  • attack a problem
  • They were unprepared when the enemy attacked.
  • the victim of a knife attack
  • launched an attack against his political opponents
  • an attack of bronchitis
  • an attack of the jitters
  • won the game with an 8-hit attack
  • made a new attack on the problem
  • The soldiers were on the attack.
  • soldiers under attack
  • a theory that has recent come under attack
  • an attack helicopter
  • attack ads
  • plan to attack the town at dawn
  • assailed the enemy with artillery fire
  • commandos assaulted the building from all sides
  • bombarded the city nightly
  • preparing to storm the fortress
  • He attacked the guard with a knife.
  • Troops attacked the fortress at dawn.
  • The troops attacked at dawn.
  • People are attacking the mayor for breaking campaign promises.
  • The professor has been widely attacked for her position on the issue.
  • Did you see the way the kids attacked that pizza?
  • The immune system is the body’s defense against attack by germs.
  • The spray protects plants from attacks by many common pests.
  • The surprise attack came at dawn.
  • There is a threat of nuclear attack.
  • There have been many attacks against the professor for her position on the issue.
  • The newspaper editorial is an attack on policy-makers.
  • The bombers were in attack formation.
  • the dog attacked a skunk
  • attacked by fever
  • attack a problem
  • tumors attacked the kidneys
  • made an attack on the will as not properly witnessed

First use of Attack

The first known use of attack was circa 1576

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