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Atmosphere Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Atmosphere, Sentence example of Atmosphere

অর্থঃ বায়ুমন্ডল

Synonyms of Atmosphere

air, ambience (or ambiance), aroma, aura, climate, flavor, halo, karma, mood, nimbus, note, odor, patina, smell, temper, vibration(s)

Use of Atmosphere in a Sentence

  • the stuffy atmosphere of the waiting room
  • an atmosphere of hostility
  • an inn with atmosphere
  • Experts have noticed changes in the atmosphere.
  • Meteoroids burn up as they pass through Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The planets have different atmospheres.
  • a country inn with lots of atmosphere
  • The food was good but the restaurant has no atmosphere.
  • the stuffy atmosphere of this room
  • a friendly atmosphere
  • a restaurant with atmosphere

First use of Atmosphere

The first known use of atmosphere was in 1638

Nearby Words

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