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Assume Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Assume, Sentence example of Assume

অর্থঃ ধরে নেওয়া, মেনে নেওয়া

Synonyms of Assume

accept, bear, shoulder, take over, undertake

Use of Assume in a Sentence

  • assume responsibility
  • assume a position
  • assume control
  • assumed an air of confidence in spite of her nervousness
  • I assume he’ll be there.
  • assumed an air of cheerfulness around the patients
  • affected an interest in art
  • pretended that nothing had happened
  • cosmetics that simulate a suntan
  • feigned sickness
  • an actor counterfeiting drunkenness
  • shammed a most unconvincing limp
  • I assumed he was coming, so I was surprised when he didn’t show up.
  • She assumed from his expression that he was confused.
  • We’ll be arriving around noon. That’s assuming that our flight is on time.
  • The king assumed the throne when he was very young.
  • Under certain conditions, the chemical will assume the appearance of ice.
  • assume control
  • it assumes greater importance now
  • immediately assumed a look of innocence
  • I assumed he knew
  • assume a risk
  • assume a mortgage

First use of Assume

The first known use of assume was in the 15th century

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