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Assent Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Assent, Sentence example of Assent

অর্থঃ একত্র করা

Synonyms of Assent

accede, acquiesce, agree, come round, consent, subscribe

Use of Assent in a Sentence

  • assent to a proposal
  • She gave her assent to the proposal.
  • voters assented to the proposal
  • consented to their daughter’s going
  • officials acceded to the prisoners’ demands
  • acquiesced to his boss’s wishes
  • finally agreed to come along
  • subscribes wholeheartedly to the idea
  • The general proposed a detailed plan and the President assented.
  • are we to conclude from your silence that you assent?
  • their mutual assent to the terms of the contract

First use of Assent

The first known use of assent was in the 13th century

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