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Arriving Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Arriving, Sentence example of Arriving

অর্থঃ ঘটা; আসা; উপনীত হত্তয়া; আগমন করা; আগত হত্তয়া; আবির্ভূত হত্তয়া; লাভ করা; পড়া; পৌঁছান; পৌঁছা;

Synonyms of Arriving

appear, come, get in, get through, land, show up, turn up

Use of Arriving in a Sentence

  • The train arrived late.
  • The crowd became silent when the officers arrived.
  • The moment has arrived.
  • After years of climbing the corporate ladder, he felt he had finally arrived.
  • arrived at a decision
  • He arrived home at six o’clock.
  • We had some dinner before arriving at the station.
  • When do you expect them to arrive in Boston?
  • Their flight is due to arrive at 11:30.
  • The train from New York is now arriving.
  • They arrived late at the party.
  • The mail hasn’t arrived yet.
  • The new version of the software has finally arrived in stores.
  • There’s always a lot to do when spring arrives.
  • When is their baby expected to arrive?
  • arrive home at six o’clock
  • the time arrived to begin
  • arrive at a decision

First use of Arriving

The first known use of arrive was in the 15th century

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