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Arrested Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Arrested, Sentence example of Arrested

অর্থঃ ধরা; ধৃত; আধৃত;

Synonyms of Arrested

apprehend, bust [slang], collar, nab, nail, nick [British slang], pick up, pinch, pull in, restrain, run in, seize

Use of Arrested in a Sentence

  • Police arrested the suspect.
  • Sickness arrested his activities.
  • Its growth was arrested.
  • an arrested tumor
  • arrest attention
  • The investigation led to his arrest.
  • The suspect was placed under arrest.
  • The police arrested him on drug charges.
  • The police officer said, “I’m arresting you in the name of the law.”
  • The drugs can’t arrest the disease’s progress, but they can slow it down considerably.
  • The police are investigating the case but they have not yet made any arrests.
  • She was charged with resisting arrest.
  • The information has led to the arrest of three suspects.
  • arrest a disease
  • arrest someone on suspicion of robbery
  • colors that arrest the eye
  • arrested tuberculosis
  • developmental arrest

First use of Arrested

The first known use of arrest was in the 14th century

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