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Armor Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Armor, Sentence example of Armor

অর্থঃ বর্ম; কবচ; অস্ত্রশস্ত্র; যুদ্ধোপকরণ; সাঁজোয়া; দেহত্রাণ; অঙ্গত্রাণ; কঁচুক; নিচোল; কুলগৌরব-চিহ্ন; খোলক; বর্ম-আবরণ; রক্ষাকবচ; সাঁজায়ো;

Synonyms of Armor

aegis (also egis), ammunition, buckler, cover, defense, guard, protection, safeguard, screen, security, shield, wall, ward

Use of Armor in a Sentence

  • the armor of prosperity
  • The officers are required to wear bulletproof body armor.
  • The shots penetrated the tank’s armor.
  • The armadillo’s armor consists of a series of small, bony plates.
  • a weapon designed for use against enemy armor

First use of Armor

The first known use of armor was in the 14th century

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