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Argues Bengali meaning, Synonyms of Argues, Sentence example of Argues

অর্থঃ তর্ক করা; প্রতিপন্ন করা; যুক্তি দ্বারা প্রমাণ করা; যুক্তি দ্বারা তর্ক করা; যুক্তি দ্বারা বিবেচনা করা; বাদানুবাদ করা; বিতর্ক করা; তর্কবিতর্ক করা; প্রমাণ করা; প্রমাণ দেত্তয়া; বিচার করা; বিবেচনা করা; যুক্তি দ্বারা আলোচনা করা; আলোচনা লড়া;

Synonyms of Argues

assert, contend, maintain, plead, reason

Use of Argues in a Sentence

  • argue for a new policy
  • They’re always arguing about money.
  • The facts argue his innocence.
  • argue an issue
  • asking for a chance to argue his case
  • couldn’t argue her out of going
  • discussed the need for a new highway
  • argued that the project would be too costly
  • debated the merits of the amendment
  • I’m debating whether I should go
  • She argued against the proposed law.
  • The senator argued in favor of lowering taxes.
  • He’s always willing to argue for what is right.
  • She argued that the proposed law should be defeated.
  • He argued that it’s far too early to make a decision.
  • No one can argue me out of doing this.
  • They started arguing about politics.
  • She would argue with anyone.
  • argue in favor of lowering taxes
  • argue about politics
  • tried to argue their parents into getting a new car
  • arguing for an extension
  • will argue for the defense
  • argued the issue before the judge
  • will argue invasion of privacy

First use of Argues

The first known use of argue was in the 14th century

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